May & September 2019 

EU & UK Tour

2nd Album Release Early Spring 2019  

"….this six-track EP that conjours up the dreamy delta and the gritty mean streets in the same breath." 

Dave Morrison, Director Camden Opera House

"A roots-rock rat rod stripped down and built for speed!" 

Cedric Burnside, Grandson of the famed Hill Country Blues artist R.L. Burnside...

"...Dixie has the ear for raw blues." 

     Alex Gecko, Music Critic Metronome Magazine Boston...

"Just what Johnny Thunders always wanted." 


Lester Thompson, Music Critic San Francisco Review... 

"61 Ghosts is like being dragged behind an old Harley through the Americana Badlands." 


Dave Tanner, Elbaum/Tanner Rock n' Roll Scene NYC...

"Another hi-light of 2017 61 Ghosts rose up from the Delta.....a true miracle!"


 Gerry Casey, Music Critic Monaghan Times...

"Bonnie & Clyde of Rock n' Roll”


   Paul Wolfle, Music Interview Magazine

 "Surely... 'to the edge' is among one of the best indie album pick!"

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