To the Edge

by 61 Ghosts

Released 2017
Released 2017
61 Ghosts is like being dragged behind an old Harley through the Americana Badlands. Just what Johnny Thunders always wanted.
Like the highway it’s named after, the musicians of 61 Ghosts, have collectively done their time on the road. 61 Ghosts is Badlands-Rock Americana. A three-piece band, combining the talents of singer-songwriter Joe Mazzari, bass player J.D. Sipe and drummer Dixie. JD Sipe packed up his bass in New Mexico, Dixie brought her bare knuckle style of drumming, and Joe Mazzari brought his gutter rock guitar and gritty vocals that have a New York bite, to create 61 Ghosts. But the gravity that attracted this unlikely trio, that are based out of Clarksdale, is music that blends Rock, Americana and Mississippi hill country blues. 61 Ghosts draw upon their own personal musical influences. Each had already honed a sound through years on the road.
Joe played with Johnny Thunders (post New York Dolls), fronted a handful of his own original rock bands, and recorded with Jimmy Miller who’d produced the Rolling Stones, Motorhead and Traffic.
Dixie traveled the world with legendary bluesman Leo ‘Bud’ Welch for three years performing between 20-30 festivals worldwide.
JD honed his swamp blues bass touring for five decades throughout the Southwest. Sharing the stage at times with Homesick James and Joe Houston among countless other blues greats. In addition to performing at dozens of festivals.
61 Ghosts felt the need to create their own unique style of music drawing upon Joe’s poignant lyrics and melodies. JD and Dixie together create steamy-driving grooves, razor sharp dynamics, and high energy to create what all three refer to as Badlands-Rock Americana. Their combined passion and need to create a style of music all their own brings the Southwest desert, the streets from the City of Sin, and the restless spirits of the Mississippi Hills that conjures up 61 Ghosts.