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"Joe Mazzari tears between Dylanesque ballads of heartwarming poetry, and rollicking jams of sweat drenched rock and roll. Dixie Deadwood, with arms of steel on percussion rounds out this solid duo to the hilt."  Subnormal Magazine

"61 Ghosts is always on the road paying dues. It keeps paying off. There guitar and drums Thundered up blues are getting broader and deeper. The interplay on these tunes is raw but, on drummer Dixie’s fills, and the stutter stops and starts, they keep your ear’s attention. "No One at the Door" is downright catchy, Mazzari’s poetic lyrics are worth the time it takes to sing them. A cover of "Hey Joe" works in a twist of Psych and Peter Gunn into the mix."  John Keegan, Boston Groupie News

"61 Ghosts is like being dragged behind an old Harley through the Americana Badlands."   Lester Thompson, Music Critic San Francisco Review

"The songs of 61 Ghosts are quite exceptional.  Mazzari has such a wonderful way with words, and the proof is abundant on this release.  I am already looking forward to the release of their first full-length album.”   Phillip Smith, Philly Cheeze Rock & Blues Review