Joe Mazzari tears between Dylanesque ballads of heartwarming poetry, and rollicking jams of sweat drenched rock and roll. Dixie Deadwood, with arms of steel on percussion rounds out this solid duo to the hilt.”

— Subnormal Magazine

61 Ghosts hails from New England, fronted by Joe Mazzari (vocals, guitar), who toured and recorded with Johnny Thunders of New York Dolls fame, and rounded out by Dixie Deadwood (drums), formerly playing with blues legend Leo ‘Bud’ Welch. Dixie brings a steady cyclone of power to the striking sound of this powerful duo, blending Mississippi Hill Country Blues and Rock 'n Roll with Mazzari’s memorable voice and searing guitar. Definitely one’s to watch out for!”

— News Blaze

The second I heard the guitar on “Black Cadillac,” I knew I was going to be hooked on 61 Ghosts. Killer guitar and tearing vocals by Joe, with solid rocking drums by Dixie Deadwood. Outstanding.”

— The Hollywood Sentinel

If I love classic rock, what new music might I enjoy? I often hear lines by people—usually old-timers, that there is no good new music anymore, and that nothing is ever good as the music from the decade from when the person saying it—grew up. In reality, there is ALWAYS great new music from every generation, and every year. You just have to LOOK. Now the term “classic rock” can be fairly widespread, but to me, would be bands including: Led Zeppelin, The Who, The Beatles, The Doors, Jefferson Airplane, Rush, The Police, and countless more. With that said, here are just a few new bands worth checking out: I am quite impressed with “61 Ghosts” out of New England, Maine. They range from this driving cut to soulful folk, blues style rock. ”

Bruce Edwin, Talent Manager (2001-present)


Just south of Canada, beneath the Appalachian Mountains, and just north of the Atlantic Ocean, lies the haunted New England land of Maine; home to world-famous horror and ghost writer Stephen King, and home to rock and roll’s infamous own “61 Ghosts”—spawned from the ashes of The New York Dolls’ Johnny Thunders, with Joe Mazzari (vocals, guitar), and the thundering Mississippi Hill Country Blues rhythms of Dixie Deadwood on percussion. Together, they are America’s own “61 Ghosts,” one of the most unique bands of their style to emerge since ZZ Top crushed the world; taking rock and blues to a whole new level. 

Playing original electric blues and rock and roll backed with a touch of punk spirit and folk rock rebellion, “61 Ghosts” has drawn in the admirers of all from fans of John Cougar Mellencamp, George Thorogood and the Destroyers, Bob Dylan, and Iggy and the Stooges to name a few. 

With drummer Dixie Deadwood having performed for 15 years, and Joe Mazzari rocking for over 40, yet together as “61 Ghosts” for just several, the duo have still managed to rack up an impressive 200 plus gigs together under their belts and growing--across the U.S. and multiple continents. They have won over tens of thousands of satisfied fans, building a solid reputation as a great live band, and a guaranteed crowd-pleaser. 

Singer/Songwriter/ Guitarist Joe Mazzari’s early infamous bands include “The Daughters,” “Two Saints,” “Jerry Nolan” “ and “Walter Lure” of “The Heartbreakers,” Jacknife Beat,” “The Joe Mazzari Band,” and “Johnny Thunders” solo band, who he toured and recorded three albums with; working with legendary record producer Jimmy Miller (Rolling Stones, Motorhead, Steve Winwood), among more. 

Praised by Grammy Nominated Cedric Burnside, drummer Dixie Deadwood formerly played with electric blues legend Leo ‘Bud’ Welch, among more. With Joe and Dixie together, “61 Ghosts” are nothing short of a masterful duo, ready to tour non-stop and rock the world like they provenly know how. 

“61 Ghosts” Debut album, titled “Mercy,” features the cult-classic “Black Cadillac,” an uproarious, rocking cut in the spirit of Steppenwolf’s classic “Born to be Wild--” both instant road-trip classics. Their latest single “Blindfold Love” rips in the similar vein, with Joe’s crushing guitar—sounding out of this world, and Dixies’ driving beats cementing this track as yet another new favorite. Flowing seamlessly from roadhouse tavern rock and blues. to first-date worthy folk-ballads, the band lets loose with cuts as “Glimpse of You,” which compositionally harkens to Tom Waits and Leonard Cohen; a brilliant, heartwarming song. 

In a world of new challenges and pain, “61 Ghosts” are a classic, unique, and gracious band to fill your spirit with something beautiful and new.